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Why are you here?

Being a complete and confident man in this world has become increasingly challenging. The pressures are steadily growing for how to succeed, have true love, have financial abundance, be physically healthy, be attractive and sexually confident, find your life purpose, have self-confidence and self-esteem.

We all want to play the role of friend, lover, husband, son and father as best we can, but sometimes we feel isolated and without support or guidance to help us transcend the challenges that life presents to us.

Unfortunately for many it is still a sign of weakness to ask for help to overcome the challenges of life, when the reality is completely opposite … it is a great sign of strength, courage and awareness.

Men’s mental mechanisms, their psychological mechanisms, and their own biology are different from women, and we need a specific and differentiating analysis and approach to more easily be understood and supported.

Heal the boy and the man will appear

Tony Robbins

What is New Men Coaching?

New Men Coaching is a developed individual-male process, and aims to improve each man’s path to create a life with more passion, purpose and power.

It is based on life coaching and male psychology, supported by techniques of expanding awareness, personal marketing, and spiritual practices.

This process is based on the analysis of the four Jungian types of psychology, intersected with the four shamanic directions, the four elements, and the four male archetypes that gave rise to the structural sequence of New Men Coaching.



Spirit | East | Fire



Body | West | Earth



Emotions | South | Water



Mind | North | Air

The New Men Tribe process is customized

for each man because each one has

different challenges, dreams and goals

which will define the individual map to be

drawn of the road to your happiness.


After an analysis of the psycho-practical path to the present moment, and the observation of your current challenge, the misalignments of your verticality are identified and a path based on focus, discipline and action is initiated.

Every man is constantly challenged to transcend his beliefs and boundaries out of his comfort zone, to begin developing new habits and achieving desired goals.

“If you always do the same actions you will always have the same results”


“You do not need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar 

For who?

For you!

This process has helped men from around the globe of all ages, regardless of race, faith or sexual orientation, touching the most diverse areas, such as:

  • Life Purpose
  • Relations
  • Business
  • Sexuality
  • Empowerment

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4 · Building the path!

From the free session will be outlined a personalized path, focused on your goals and dreams.

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