A New Men Tribe

Throughout the ages, we have been losing our rituals and ceremonies, where we connected and developed, through the genuine bond of our souls and hearts.

In the ancestral tribes the spirit of union and truth of the tribe created the confidence necessary for the men to support each other in the resolution of individual questions and challenges, giving the true meaning to the word Brotherhood.

Nowadays, the man is disconnected from his inner world and his brothers, living with several questions to answer.

  • Why can not I find a purpose for my life?
  • Why can not I get a healthy love relationship?
  •  Why do I feel unhappy if I have everything?
  • Why do I feel uncomfortable with my sex life?
  • Why can not I find meaning and meaning in my life?
  • Why can not I get financial abundance?
  • Why do I feel so lonely if I have so many friends?
  • Why can not I develop my spirituality?

“The New Men Tribe comes to reconnect our deepest essence, where we challenge man to step out of his comfort zone and embrace new areas of confidence, intimacy and courage, giving birth to a life of passion, purpose and power!”



Rui Estrela is a traveler and seeker of the sacred male in the world, but above all is a man looking for his best version!

At the beginning of his journey he graduated in Marketing and founded two companies where he worked in the corporate world with brands such as Coca-Cola, Opel, Remax, BES amongst others. In 2008 he began his journey of expanding consciousness in pursuit of his life purpose, where he became Master of Reiki and Munay Ki, trained in Catalyst, Constellator, Creative Leadership and Coaching, also starting his studies of integral human psychology. In 2009 he was co-founder of the Zoom Talentos organization, which promotes young personal development in schools, which is now a national NGDO.

In 2012 he began his specialization in the male universe by focusing on studies in male psychology, tribal ancestry and anthropology, creating the male personal development movement – The Power of Man – where he facilitated dozens of men’s circles and workshops. Since then he has traveled to various countries, where he has contacted various masters and men of medicine, from whom he received training in male initiatory rituals, deep masculine healing techniques and became a shamanic walker.

He is the founder of the New Men Tribe organization and the creator of the New Men Coaching method. His mission is to help men throughout the world to have lives with more passion, purpose and power!

Do you wish to have a more genuine life?